New public demo - version 0.25!

DOWNLOAD IT HERE! The 0.25 version introduces: The long-awaited second stage. Already with all three difficulty levels!This also means there are three more bosses! Brand new, and each with their own game-over scenes >;JGiven that there are two stages now, from now on you will also have Read More

Chaosrise in the making

It’s time to look back at some of the old WIP stuff for Chaosrise. This is the very first image niziolek​ posted after we picked the game back up from the dead. Really love how Aria’s figure looks here - the finished version is perfect of course, but Read More

Our current goals

Just so everyone is aware ^_^ If all goes well, we'll hit the first one this month! $150 per month - Safe .exe! We will purchase code signing certificate that will allow us to digitally sign our projects. $200 per month - Stage select for Chaosrise! We will add a stage Read More

March rewards & social media!

So, first of all - here are the rewards you'll get if you pledge this month. You still have five days! Furthermore, you will be glad to know that, aside from our Tumblr, we now also have Facebook and Twitter! Check them out and give us some likes, follows, whatever Read More

February rewards

OK, so first of all, we changed one of the tiers - 20$ tier includes the previously (now removed) 25$ tier from now on. We felt these two were a bit too scarce in content, so we simply merged them and kept the lower price ^_^ We also never made it Read More