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February rewards

OK, so first of all, we changed one of the tiers - 20$ tier includes the previously (now removed) 25$ tier from now on. We felt these two were a bit too scarce in content, so we simply merged them and kept the lower price ^_^ We also never made it Read More

Kimochi shutting down :(


Guess it's official now; we wanted to wait a couple more days to see if anything clears up, but looks like that's it. Kimochi, the western adult game marketplace, the "steamier steam" seems to have run out of steam and will be shutting down on March 31st. Kimochi team was Read More

Lewd Gamer covers!

Chaosrise has already been covered twice on Lewd Gamer ;3 Check the articles here and here! Make sure to check out their website and follow them on Twitter and Tumblr for more news on the Western and Eastern indie eroge scene; and if you enjoy their content, consider donating to Read More

New public demo!

The 0.2 demo is now public! Introducing: Difficulty levels! Normal (the one you've seen until now), Hard and No-Life - good luck beating them! Difficulty level select menu (duh). Quicker menu transitions - hopefully it's all more convenient now. The score wouldn't reset on game over. Now it does! Read More

December rewards

Wow, it's already been a month since the last one?! Time flies... Anyway, a set of (late) Christmas presents is coming for all our Patrons who will pledge in December, so make sure to check the list twice - most stuff's naughty <3 Read More

New demo is out!

Download it here... or on Kimochi! Revolutionary changes include: Noire is now playable! And she comes with two new game-over hentai CGs! Two playable characters mean you need to be able to select them. Character Select menu is there too... ... as well as the Main Menu ^_^ Have fun and remember Read More

Spread the word and give us feedback!

The campaign's only just started, so we are in the midst of spreading the word wherever possible. Right now our main "headquarters" is The Unofficial LineMarvel Forum where we are answering community's questions and obtaining initial feedback: ULMF In case you are using any of the below forums, good news Read More