Multiworld Software

Almost there...

[19:20] Ziza: bro, I'm devastated
[19:20] Ziza: SOOO don't feel like doing anything
[19:21] Ziza: each day I keep telling myself
[19:21] Ziza: "tomorrow we're gonna push this and finalize everything at last"
[19:21] Ziza: and then I sit here
[19:21] Ziza: watching the internets
[19:21] Ziza: scratching my balls
[19:21] Ziza: and feeling sad
[19:21] Ziza: because we're not fucking doing anything!
[19:21] Ziza: :(((
[19:24] Ziza: save me from this stagnation, man
[19:24] Ziza: I know we're all fed up with this game
[19:24] Ziza: let's code and achieve something together today!
[19:25] Ziza: make this a Saturday to Remember
[19:36] GvS: I'm playing Darkest Dungeon
[19:36] GvS: it's pretty cool