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Are we even doing anything?

Hello. We hope you are having fun with the new demo! Stage 6 is brutal but (at least according to our tests) still beatable ;) It's been a while since the last update - that's because we've been focusing on the game a lot, and below are a couple of things Read More

Seven Lucky Updates!

Multiworld Software Chaosrise demo screenshot

UPDATE 1! Yes, we're alive. UPDATE 2! Here, have a taste of some new animations. Hope you enjoy them <3 If all goes as planned, they will all be introduced in the next month's (August) demo! UPDATE 3! .exe is now (finally!) safe. What does that mean? It means Read More

Chaosrise in the making

It’s time to look back at some of the old WIP stuff for Chaosrise. This is the very first image niziolek​ posted after we picked the game back up from the dead. Really love how Aria’s figure looks here - the finished version is perfect of course, but Read More