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Almost there...

[19:20] Ziza: bro, I'm devastated [19:20] Ziza: SOOO don't feel like doing anything [19:21] Ziza: each day I keep telling myself [19:21] Ziza: "tomorrow we're gonna push this and finalize everything at last" [19:21] Ziza: and then I sit here [19:21] Ziza: watching the Read More

Music is here!

... as you may have already noticed in the trailer :) We are incredibly proud to announce that Machinae Supremacy and Hubnester Records have agreed to license a full 45+ minutes soundtrack to Chaosrise. These tracks were created either by Machinae Supremacy or members of Machinae Supremacy independently in the past, and Read More

What's going on?

Well, a lot is. Delays The beta testers must have probably already noticed the lack of demo this month. It doesn't mean there will not be a demo - it simply means that we're experiencing some delays. First of all, we noticed that the final compiled version of the game Read More

December rewards!

As always, click here for a full size image :) You may be wondering "hey, where did November go"? Well, we decided that this "previous month" stuff has always been confusing anyway, and now that we charge upfront it became even more so. Therefore, from now on it's much simplier: Did Read More

Are we even doing anything?

Hello. We hope you are having fun with the new demo! Stage 6 is brutal but (at least according to our tests) still beatable ;) It's been a while since the last update - that's because we've been focusing on the game a lot, and below are a couple of things Read More

Patron rewards for September

Multiworld Software Chaosrise September rewards

NO NEW STAGE THIS MONTH, SORRY As the project is nearing its completion, we are starting to focus more and more on small stuff and adjustments that will make it look more like an actual, complete product. There's a lot of this, but it's sometimes so small (and so much) Read More