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Are we even doing anything?

Hello. We hope you are having fun with the new demo! Stage 6 is brutal but (at least according to our tests) still beatable ;)
It's been a while since the last update - that's because we've been focusing on the game a lot, and below are a couple of things to report.


Manga Gamer has now sent us a License Agreement for non-exclusive publishing of Chaosrise; we're in progress of carefully studying it ;) We will soon push this with Nutaku and DLSite, too - as for the latter, they finished translating the game to Japanese for us!


That's it, babies, the game now has Japanese.

And it's real this time, not some random shit that I pasted at some point. Most of you probably don't care, but for us, the Japanese market is something of great potential, especially with the genre the game is in. It is an investment that has been made possible thanks to your support, too, and for that we are eternally grateful!


Lots of new sounds are being introduced. Lasers, flames, shots, ice cracking and bursting, and background sounds too - you name it, we got it. The game got noisy! And we did our best to make sure those sounds don't overlap in an unpleasant way and are all played in a rather well-timed and synched manner. Sorry, can't give you any screenshots for that :---)


Player bullets now disperse on enemies nicely. Much nicer than on that low-quality gif, trust me.

Enemy bullets also disappear nicely now - for example, between boss' phases or when colliding with player. Instead of just, well, disappearing, each now has an animation, similar to when Noire's spell is fired, but with colors adjusted to every bullet.

Speaking of Noire's ice, it is now brand new, adjusted to every enemy and every frame of their animation, making the effect very diverse. Most importantly, it also has animations for freezing and breaking free!

Oh, remember those almost-invisible tornadoes on Stage 3? Well, they are now visible.

Tornadoes are not the only spinning thing there though...

Some already existing effects have been spiced up a little, too, but we are working on something even cooler - we'll show it when (if) it's ready <3

The gifs are a bit lousy, but hey, will make it look even better for you when you play the actual game!


GvS has been working hard on optimizing the game's performance, and thanks to his incredible efforts, the game is not slowing down during some really bullet-rich moments (like, for example, 6th stage's boss) anymore!

Considering there's sometimes over 10k of them visible at a time (and the insane code I wrote, most of the time drunk, to manage their movement and hitboxes), it's really a big achievement that will have a great influence on the gameplay's quality.


There will be music, I promise! Not quite yet though...................


We are optimizing some useless difficulty spikes to make the gameplay more balanced and pleasant - don't get your hopes high though, No-Life will still be impossible :P