Multiworld Software

Changes, updates and sneak peeks

Hello everyone,
and happy Women's Day! Ladies, make sure you get the gift(s) that you deserve; gentlemen, you ensure this yourself for your gals >;J

Just wanted to give you a brief summary of what were currently up to, so off we go!

  1. We hit 100$!
    Wow, that certainly took a while. Overall the campaign is going slower than we expected (we're still looking for some snowball effect though!), but the development is on-schedule and we're not planning to ever change this ^_^ To all our Patrons: thanks for your continuous support! All this is thanks to you, and you only. We really love you and we hope that you enjoy what we do <3

  2. The development is progressing...
    ... as mentioned above. Steadily and on-schedule, we're introducing more and more content and the beta version of March demo has now been released and sent out to beta testers. If all goes well (we're sure it will!), you'll have a fresh and tasty demo, full of kinky dialogs and cutscenes sent to you by the end of this (or next, if you're not supporting) month. With the story in place, it's finally gonna make (at least a little more) sense :----)

  3. Rewards will now be sent to Patrons directly rather than through posts.
    Starting this month, we'll be moving to a "system" used by a lot of other creators, which involves us sending your rewards to you directly, via Patreon's private messaging.
    This is because Patreon's basic system is far from ideal - while you cannot see any "X$+ Patrons only" posts until you have actually been charged, you can very easily go around this by pledging any lowest sum possible and then editing it to a higher one. This way you can see the higher tier content, even if you've never been charged on this level.
    Until now it wasn't really something that bothered us, but since February we started to get an increasing amount of such fake pledges (which were of course cancelled before the end of the month), which is why from now on we will manually check all pledges and send appropriate rewards to people who's payments have been successfully processed. Not because we are assholes that will give you stuff only once you've paid us - just because we want it fair and square, out of respect for all our actual supporters on any tier.

  4. Enemies' and powerups' visibility.
    Responses to our last month's poll show that generally more people believe that both enemies' and powerups' visibility is OK and doesn't need changing. This is good news for us... but, given the low amount of responses so far, the poll will continue - especially now that the new stage is available!

  5. Sneak peeks!
    Because why not? You deserve some. The post features another WIP sketch for the next stage (the picture itself is now fully ready as the post is a bit delayed. Sorry!) and below you can have a quick look at some small teasers that we will feature on our Patreon page from now on!
    Niziolek just got bored with the old Noire and tentacles one ;3