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December rewards!

As always, click here for a full size image :)

You may be wondering "hey, where did November go"? Well, we decided that this "previous month" stuff has always been confusing anyway, and now that we charge upfront it became even more so.

Therefore, from now on it's much simplier:

  • Did you get charged at the beginning of month X?
  • Did you pledge (and got charged upfront) during month X?

Well then you get rewards for month X. Simple as that!

You may have noticed that the 20$ tier now contains "final beta tests" as a reward. This simply means that you get the full final game (all stages and features) to test before it's released (end of December). It'll also have debug features (god mode, hitbox display, simplified stage select and level-up on demand) available.

The early beta will be sent out probably tomorrow and it will still have no music and no real stage select. But these will be added pretty soon, too!