Multiworld Software

Demo Development, part 2

[18:08] Ziza: you're probably still at work
[18:08] Ziza: and then you're gonna take a bus
[18:08] Ziza: in the dark
[18:08] Ziza: for another hour
[18:08] Ziza: stuck in traffic
[18:09] Ziza: out in the cold
[18:09] Ziza: to get home
[18:09] Ziza: and contemplating through all this
[18:09] Ziza: the emptiness of your existence
[18:09] Ziza: you know when it's not gonna be empty anymore?
[18:09] Ziza: when you get the fucking demo to work!
[18:11] GvS: I'm taking a train

Yeah. We're almost there -_-