Multiworld Software

Demo is out!


The biggest challenge was to optimize it to work on as many different machines as possible, which is why it took so long in the first place.

Download it here ^_^
Your browser may not like the .exe but we are working on that too. Trust us, it's safe!

This is the most basic, alpha demo - one stage, one (undressable ;3) character, one difficulty level and two game over CGs. We will expand it from now on, further and further!

How to play


  • Arrow Keys - movement
  • Z - attack
  • Left Shift - slow down + show hitbox
  • Left Ctrl - slow down + show hitbox + focus fire
  • X - spell
  • Esc - pause menu. Access it right away to use your very first Skill Point!


  • Don't attack all the time! As you shoot, character's attack power decreases. The red indicator shows how much power you have left; stop shooting to naturally regenerate your attack or gather red souls to regain it.
  • Spell makes you invulnerable for short time and has additional effects based on the character. Each use depletes your magic power by 1/3; you can hold X key longer to keep the spell working but it will drain your magic further! Magic will regenerate naturally - or by devouring blue souls.
  • Green indicator shows the amount of life you have left. The life will regenerate a little bit when you collect green souls, but every hit will always lower it exactly by 1.
  • Killing enemies is not only awarded with score, but also with experience. Gathering appropriate amount of experience – shown by yellow indicator – increases character level. Each level awards you with points to increase your skills, which can be done anytime in pause menu or after completing every stage.
  • The main source of score are not the enemies alone, but white souls left by them. If you wish to beat the high score, take your interest in these souls!