Multiworld Software

February rewards

OK, so first of all, we changed one of the tiers - 20$ tier includes the previously (now removed) 25$ tier from now on. We felt these two were a bit too scarce in content, so we simply merged them and kept the lower price ^_^

We also never made it quite clear that physical versions of the game and its artbook will never be for sale and will only be distributed to 30$+ tier Patrons. We will only sell digital versions after the release.
This is because it would be very hard for us to estimate an amount of possible orders in advance - and outsourcing their production multiple times for small amounts would be problematic and costly (while producing large volumes in advance - risky).
And most importantly, this makes the rewards a very limited and unique content, as a real way of saying "thanks" to our highier-tier Patrons <3

February (or rather, March) will be rich in content, as you can see! There's still 5 days to pledge >;J