Multiworld Software


This is a development blog for games that we make here at Multiworld Software.
The name sounds intimidating but we are actually just a group of three people who spend their spare time working together on some indie projects:

  • GvS - our main programmer, with years of experience in basically everything.
  • niziolek - our artist, the best one in the world. Make sure to also check her HentaiFoundry, Pixiv and Tumblr!
  • Ziza - a bit of graphics, programming, writing and organization; I basically do everything and I'm probably the most useless here.

Our current project

At this moment we are working on a danmaku game called Chaosrise. It's gonna have lots of bullets.
And sex.
Right, it's a hentai game. I haven't even finished the first post and this blog is already 18+

Here are some WIP screenshots to get you going:

These are pretty old to be honest but they show what our original engine is capable of. We spent a lot of time creating it and have already built a lot of content and actual gameplay around it!
Now all that remains is to give it some finishing touches... like, you know, menus, improved graphics, music, finalizing stages and bosses setup, thorough testing and - of course - H scenes!

Wish us luck ^_^