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New public demo - version 0.25!


The 0.25 version introduces:

  • The long-awaited second stage. Already with all three difficulty levels!
  • This also means there are three more bosses! Brand new, and each with their own game-over scenes >;J
  • Given that there are two stages now, from now on you will also have an "inter-screen", summarizing the whole first stage for you and allowing to save...
  • ... and load! Yup, this new feature is now also available.
  • There are also some further small bug-fixes and improvements, the most significant one being a new bonus file structure

While working on the gallery menu, we realized that many things needed tweaking and therefore, going forwards, it's suggested that you don't use your existing bonus.mwp file.
Just, I don't know, shove that whole old Chaosrise folder to your recycle bin and get a whole new one from this link here. Start anew. You can keep your score.mwp (you're gonna beat it anyway with more stages available now) and config.cfg if you like.

You don't even need to worry about unlocking those hentai CGs again, because as long as you beat the stage - you're gonna get them all ^_^
Why would you be "unlocking" them anyway? Well... the next demo comes with a gallery mode!

Any bugs or issues, let us know right away! And rememeber, if you support us, you will receive access to much newer demos!