Multiworld Software

Our current goals

Just so everyone is aware ^_^
If all goes well, we'll hit the first one this month!

$150 per month - Safe .exe!

We will purchase code signing certificate that will allow us to digitally sign our projects.

$200 per month - Stage select for Chaosrise!

We will add a stage select menu available after players complete the game.

$300 per month - Bonus clothes for Chaosrise!

Both Aria and Noire will receive an additional set of clothing, visible on their game sprites, status sidebar, as well as during dialogs and cutscenes.

$500 per month - Undressable dialogs for Chaosrise!

The state of heroine’s clothing will not only be visible on the sidebar, but also on her game sprite and during dialogs.

$750 per month - New PC!

niziolek will replace her old laptop (that takes about 15 minutes to load Photoshop) with a brand new PC.

$1000 per month - Livestreaming!

Monthly (or more frequent) live streaming sessions for all patrons.

$2000 per month - Tutorials!

Monthly (or more frequent) tutorials (drawing, game development).

$5000 per month - Multiworld Software goes full-time!

We can now start working full-time.

Upon reaching each milestone, we will also send you a sweet celebratory "thank you" artwork!