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Seven Lucky Updates!

Multiworld Software Chaosrise demo screenshot


Yes, we're alive.


Here, have a taste of some new animations. Hope you enjoy them <3 If all goes as planned, they will all be introduced in the next month's (August) demo!

Multiworld Software Chaosrise sprite Multiworld Software Chaosrise sprite SildiMultiworld Software Chaosrise sprite Wyvern


.exe is now (finally!) safe. What does that mean? It means that your browser will not cry about the game being "unverified", "dangerous" or whatever - it should just not discourage you from downloading anymore.

If you, however, have SmartScreen enabled on your machine, it may still warn you before starting the game. This is because (as it turns out) Windows has its own, completely separate filter, on which - guess what - you need to sort of "earn reputation". The more users download and use your project without issues, the closer you are to being marked as safe and verified.

Well, thanks a lot, Microsoft, that's very fucking convenient.

We are working on this issue, too, of course - apparently we can have our application "evaluated" using Microsoft's developer tools, which brings it much closer to the safe rating.

Yes, it still doesn't make it safe, it just brings it closer -_-

Welp, what can I say - download the game and recommend it to people, so that more will download and run it (because you so much want to recommend a porn game to your friends, don't you)!


We hit our next milestone! Which means that we will add a Stage Select functionality to the (probably final) game. It got us so excited that we've already started working on it ^o^


Starting now, we charge upfront (a nifty feature introduced by Patreon today). This means that any new Patron who pledges will be charged right away for that month, allowing them to get all the rewards (instead of having to wait for next month's automatic charge and miss out on the current one) <3

Ok, by "starting now" I mean "starting the moment Patreon actually enables this feature rather than just brags about it in their newsletter" :---)


We have downgraded our graphic engine (OpenGL). Don't worry, this doesn't mean graphics or performance will get shitty - it simply means that older computers may now finally be able to run the game (until now, mostly users with integrated graphic cards would experience issues). If you couldn't run the game before, try now!


We're testing the new demo and working on stuff everyday! And it's thanks to your support that we can commit ourselves even more than we normally could, and give our best <3
Have some semi-censored sketch in the meantime ^_^

Multiworld Software Chaosrise sketch