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Still alive!

Remember us?

Chaosrise v.1.1

It's been over 2 years since Chaosrise's release and it still seems like we can't run away from this thing.

Nutaku and Mikandi got in touch - they wish to release! And, most importantly, we will probably also be aiming for a Steam release later, now that porn is accepted there.
I know Chaosrise's content is... rich and controversial sometimes, but honestly, I've seen a lot worse stuff there already.

Due to all this though, we decided to improve many aspects of the game, and have been on and off it since, like, June 2018. In the very little free time we have. We figured that if we want to aim for such a big release, we need to make sure the game offers a bit higher overall quality.

We are mostly improving audiovisuals (a lot more effects that contribute to the game's overall "feedback" and, hopefully, fun factor), getting rid of some small outstanding bugs and issues, adjusting difficulty levels here and there and introducing a bit of bonus content for players that beat the game.

Some stuff that we've already added:

  • better visual and sound effects when shooting, killing enemies, approaching power-ups, clearing bullets with spells / phase changes, generating bosses' bullet patterns etc.
  • popups informing about unlocked CGs
  • a little more dynamic GUI bars
  • flashing status conditions info in GUI and over player's sprite
  • pad support
  • one bonus mini-boss and one bonus boss
  • all images (now finally including cutscenes) in the gallery
  • small dialog fixes
  • fixes for a lot small bugs no one probably ever noticed or cared for

We're finalizing some outstanding fixes and optimizing stuff to run more smoothly and then I guess we're back to:

  • releasing a new demo
  • making a new trailer, screenshots etc.
  • releasing the new version

I mean, they will all be the same but with all this new stuff added :}

The new version, once finally released at some point, will cost only 5 dollars, as it's already been a long time and it's not like this is a new game - it's all the same, 2-years-old thing (hence the discount) that we only improved a little. Of course anyone who has already purchased will get the update for free!

Other projects???

We are very, very slowly working on some other stuff, yeah. Mostly throwing ideas around and having some fun with them. We still aim to make that super huge epic strategy game our main project but seeing how any work progresses these days, we might very well never release anything new anymore. Definitely not in the nearest future. I guess that's just life!

I know for a fact though that niziolek is working on something new on her own. Watch this space!