What have we been up to recently?

Hello everyone! Time for another quick update, because it's been a while. First of all, yes, some of those lasers may require nerfing -_- Secondly, GvS has been on holiday this week (still is, actually) so it was a bit hard to get some of the more complicated stuff Read More

Testing moonspeak

As you all probably know, we're looking to translate Chaosrise to Japanese, as we feel it's a market with great potential for this kind of game. Obviously we tested this before, but last year GvS developed a more advanced file encrypting method (one that won't let you perverts easily extract Read More

Code signing certificate

We believe that 200$/year is a small price for your security; that's why, thanks to all our generous Patreon backers, we purchased code signing certificate (also our website is served exclusively over https so NSA won't know you're playing porn games). Code signing assures you that this shoot'em up Read More

Patron rewards for July

Multiworld Software Chaosrise July rewards

As usually, click for higher resolution. Very late, as you can see, because with the amount of work that had to be done this month, we're a bit behind the usual schedule. All the rewards for June have already been sent though, and you still have this one last day Read More


Now that I got your hopes high - no, this time it's not some new feature with a cool-sounding name :--D It turns out that, after last month's OpenGL downgrade, our FPS limiting system stopped working in some specific cases, which means that some people who downloaded the newest demo Read More

Seven Lucky Updates!

Multiworld Software Chaosrise demo screenshot

UPDATE 1! Yes, we're alive. UPDATE 2! Here, have a taste of some new animations. Hope you enjoy them <3 If all goes as planned, they will all be introduced in the next month's (August) demo! UPDATE 3! .exe is now (finally!) safe. What does that mean? It means Read More

Patron rewards for June

Multiworld Software Chaosrise June rewards

Yes, a delicious set of rewards for anyone who supports us this month - you have until the end of June to pledge <3! Don't miss this opportunity, especially that the 5th Stage introduced in the next-month, Patron-only demo, is when things start to get really hardcore... In the Read More

Final public demo for Chaosrise!

Multiworld Software Chaosrise final public demo artwork

After a long break, here is the final demo: CLICK! Changes include: Dialogs and cutscenes! Tutorial level! Options menu! Hi-scores menu! Bonus menu (i.e. the gallery)! Bugfixes and other small (but neat) stuff. Please enjoy it responsibly <3 Become our Patron to get more recent, monthly demos - Read More

May rewards and Patron raffle!

First of all, treat yourself to this delicious list of rewards. Anyone who pledges this month gets them, so you still have a couple of days to throw your money at us! Some of you may have noticed that the 1$ TIER changed considerably - this is because, starting next Read More